Flag Football Set for 12 Players – Includes Durable Flag Belts and Flags, Cones, Bean Bag, Carrying Backpack, and Football – Huge 55 Piece Complete Set


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  • FOOTBALL ANYTIME ANYWHERE: With this all in one flag football set, you have everything you need to get a pick up game started anywhere
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN FITS ANYONE: All flag belts are full adjustable and are designed to fit all players regardless of age or size
  • A SAFE WAY TO PLAY: Flag football promotes the game of Football tackling dummies that causes injuries. Young players can learn the game safely
  • DURABLE LONG LASTING DESIGN: The flags are designed with a more durable cross weave and the belts are made with D rings so they stay tight to your waste and won’t tear or rip
  • COMPLETE FLAG FOOTBALL SET: This set includes enough belts for 12 players (6 on 6), 3 flags per belt, 4 field cones, 1 marking bean bag, a carrying backpack and of course, a football

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Flag football can be a great way to learn the game of football without the negative side affects football can bring. Young players aren’t always ready to endure the heavy hitting and tackling associated with football. With a flag football set, young players can learn all the same aspects of the game: throwing, catching, running, strategy, etc. And don’t let it stop there. This flag football set is designed for all ages so it’s great for adult leagues and pick up games at the park as well.

Important Advantages

• You will love the football we designed for this set. It’s a soft rubber football that throws and spirals like a champ. And catching it while mid stride is as easy as can be. The ball absorbs your hands to make for some great catches!

• Durability was extremely important to us. It’s easy to get caught up in the game and not realize how hard the flags and belts may be grabbed. That’s why we chose durable flag design and used D rings on the belts so that your flag football set will last.

• Easily store your flag football kit all in one spot with the included carrying backpack. Simply pack all of the flag football gear inside and place it in a safe place. Then when it’s ready to play, throw it on your back and hit the field!

• Adjustable flag positions makes this set even better. The flags can be slid up and down the belts so that they can be placed in whatever position you’d like. You can place all three on the back of the belt, one on each side of you or where ever else you’d like!

• Keep position of your line of scrimmage or a first down line with the included bean bag. It comes in handy for all kinds of things. That along with the included cones that can be used for touch down markings does it all!

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